Ferrari Drivers Undergo Large Crash Amid Race In Rural Italy

Ferrari Drivers Undergo Large Crash Amid Race In Rural Italy

Elke 0 13 03.29 08:44

Yeysk, a metropolis of 90,000, is home to a giant Russian air base. A Su-34 bomber got here down in the port city of Yeysk after one of its engines caught hearth during takeoff for a training mission, the Russian Protection Ministry stated. Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment the daring duo, a 56-12 months-previous Dutchman and a 46-12 months-previous Belgian, have been pursuing one another alongside the nation lanes of Osimo in Ancona after they each took a bend far too shortly. A female passenger travelling in one of the cars was additionally largely unhurt. Moments later, orange flames may very well be seen snaking out from beneath the bonnet of the F12 and rapidly whipped up right into a fearsome blaze that consumed the vehicle. Regional news outlet Ancona At this time reported that a total of 118 emergency personnel had been compelled to attend the incident, with a number of firefighters battling to extinguish the flaming vehicle.

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